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Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Monster Birthday Party

I still can't believe that my little man is ONE! This past year has just flown by. To celebrate the big event, I decided to throw him a little monster party. It turned out so cute! Get ready for picture overload!

I'll start with the invitation, decorations, and favors. The colors I chose were orange, lime green, and teal.

I ordered his invitation from this Etsy store.  I loved the design she came up with!

The birthday banner. I love my cricut!

The furry monster wreath (ignore the lack of trim on the door, we're still remodeling!)

The toy room. I love the cute monster rug, and the kids loved the monster tent in the back!

This is where I set up a few of Evan's cards, as well as his invitation in a monster frame.

The favor table! This is where I had the blow-outs, hats, monster masks, and favor bags.

And each favor bag had a little monster stuffy, a jar of blue flubber, a monster sucker, tattoos, a finger puppet, and a squeaker.

Next we'll move on to the food. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

This is the food table (wish I had gotten a better picture). We had pizza, punch, pasta salad, veggie fries, cookies, fruit, and jello cubes.

Chocolate dipped marshmallows...always a favorite of the kids!

This might be my favorite thing from the party! It's a monster fruit display, I got the idea from this picture on flickr.

And, of course, the cake and smash cake! So cute :)

Now for the activities. I wanted to keep it simple, but still have something for the older children to enjoy.

This was the craft/activity table. I had foam pieces cut out for the "make a monster" craft. I also had monster books, puppets, and tattoos.

Monster bowling. The older kids loved this!

We had a pull string pinata too.

And the monster tent with the blow up balls. The babies loved this one!

Now for a few more random pics (I told you there would be a lot!)
Evan's cute little monster butt! I got the patch from this Etsy store.

Playing puppets with Evan's buddy.

Mmmm, cake!

Big brother being silly, as usual :)

Evan's future girlfriend :)

Evan's best buddy.

Well, that's it! It was such a fantastic day! Now to start thinking about birthday number 2....

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  1. Holy cow is that too cute! I love it all! Great job! That monster fruit salad is awesome and the cakes are impressive too!

  2. truly the cutest party!
    I ♥ the monster wreath...look at all the little monsters...too cute!

  3. I love the fruit display too! Great job :). My littlest guy is turning 1 in two weeks, but I doubt I can pull together anything as cute as this.

  4. I am doing a round up of kid's birthday parties on my Education Blog next week for our one year blog birthday. You should send us the link to this fun one! Our blog is at: http://www.abcand123learning.blogspot.com/ and our email is: abc123learning@gmail.com It looks like you post fun kid related activities.

  5. love the blue wreath, the watermelon, and just everything is great!

  6. That wreath is adorable, and those treat bags - LOVE them! What a fun party!!

  7. That party looks like a blast. I love the cakes. They are adorable. Thank you for being a follower. I really appreciate it.

  8. Loved it all! My little Monster is turnings one in August, can't wait to throw our own Monster Bash!!
    I have cake questions,I wish I could order from you! Would the monster cakes be beginner friendly?
    Thanks for sharing this party!

  9. You had some great elements to your birthday party! I love the theme as well. I've always wanted to do a monster themed party. The whole thing looked so cute!
    Rebecca of the R&W Gals

  10. This is so fun!!! My little man would love it!

    Feel free to come link up with What are little boys made of? at seven thirty three!

  11. This All looked fantastic! our little monster is turning 1 in June and I stumbled across your site looking for Monster cake ideas (he's had the nickname since day 1).
    Thanks for some great ideas I intend to use!! you have one lucky boy :-)

  12. This is so cute!!! Im doing my sons birthday in monsters too. If you dont mind would you tell me a few things? Im having a hard time finding stuff. I just wanted to know where you got your shirt, the favor bags, the monster tent, and the cakes? You did such a great job!! email is mrs_c_Seeley@yahoo.com

  13. ADORABLE!!! You did a great job! I got some good ideas from you but I also have some questions on where you got some of your stuff from. The bags, the shirt, etc. You can email me at klgoff@yahoo.com

  14. Everything was super cute! I'm throwing my son's 2nd birthday in October and the theme is monsters...I love it! I have a question on where did you find your puppets? they are really cute and I was wanting to get them for the party favor. you can email me at alanandsteph0715@yahoo.com. thanks a bunch!

  15. I just wanted to say my son's first birthday is the day before Halloween and I was thinking about doing this same theme...I couldn't be more impressed with all the hard work you put into this party! It looks like it was a lot of fun and actually made me pretty excited to try any plan my own monster party. :)

  16. This is Exactully what I want to do for my son for his first birthday I am dying to know where you got all the cute decorations like the tent, balls, ect. Please email me at: thosewordsatbest@yahoo.com
    Thanks You do Much!
    Murphys Mama

  17. I too would like to know where you got the tent and the shirt! Thanks!
    katie at babybumbleb dot com

  18. I am planning to do the same theme for my son's party. Please email me on where you got the monster cut outs at juliussmh@hotmail.com. Thank you!

  19. I LOVE this!! I found your blog while looking for ideas for my sons first birthday party! May i ask where you got the tent and the favor bags?? my email is akgreene1@yahoo.com thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!

  20. I have the same comment as the dozen before me. I am doing a monster party for my little girl's 5th birthday party. If you have responded to all the others, could you please just forward the email to me too? I would love any information on the cakes especially, but all of your ideas are wonderful. alisoncschmidt@aol.com You are very inspiring to be creative. Thank you so much!

  21. I'm also doing a monster party!

    Here's what I've found:
    The tent is from Target- it's a Circo Monster Play Tent.
    A lot of the favors and the monster balls are from Oriental Trading Co. They have a lot of monster stuff.

    The Monster Bowling is Melissa & Doug- they have it Toys R Us.

    To make the monster cake, you need the Grass tip (Wilton), it is about $1.50.

  22. We have the same tent, and are planning a monster birthday party... and I never would have remembered that we had it or thought to use it! Great party, thank you for all the inspiration!

  23. Where did you find the orange monster balloon?

  24. My son is turning 1 on September 14th. I just love this theme! I had a few questions about where to find some of the things you used. If you have a chance could you please e-mail me at taramarie13@hotmail.com?

  25. I would LOVE to know where you got some of your decorations! I am clueless at the birthday thing and my little man is turning 1 in September. We have called him our little monster since day 1 so this is what I have wanted from the beginning! Where did you get the tent and the rug? If you could, Please email me at mdtharp@sbcglobal.net
    I know its a long shot but with my husband being deployed and missing out on his big day, I just want it to be perfect for him.

  26. omg! i loveeee this.my sons 2nd bday is around halloween so im having a monster theme birthday & you just gave me some great ideas.thanxxxx=)
    i also would like to know where you got the puppets from and a couple of other things,if you can email me laydeet18@yahoo.com

  27. My sons monster party is this weekend. Your sons party looked like tons of fun! Where do you get the monster balls that were in the tent? And did you make the monster masks? Please email me at cmr29211@yahoo.com. Thank you! Fantastic job!

  28. Can you email me where you got that monster balloon tent?! I love it!!!