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Monday, March 8, 2010

Twilight- New Moon Party

Twilight Mania was in full swing this past week in anticipation of the opening of New Moon! I hosted a small Twilight/New Moon themed party at my house over the weekend with a few of my ColoradoSpringsMommies friends. We all had a blast! My favorite part of the party was the food contest. I had each guest bring a Twilight-themed food item, and the winner was judged on taste, presentation, and how it related to Twilight. The winner got a super fabulous prize made by yours truely-- A cute apron that said "I'm A Cullen-ary Genius". We had syringe jello shots, played the New Moon board game, and just had a good time.

And of course we were at the midnight showing of New Moon on Thursday! Anyway, here are a few pics from the party, I hope you enjoy them!

This was the food table. I had werewolf kibble, candy rimmed glasses for pina coladas, jello shots in syringes, New Moon candy bars and vampire bites. The flowers were supposed to be parrot tulips from the cover of New Moon, but I couldn't find that type of flower anywhere! So I took some red hibiscus stems, cut out the middle, and added some white paint.

These are some decorations from the party. Yes, I had it in the kids' playroom, that's why there are toys everywhere!

These are two of the guest entries- Cullen Cakes and Vampire Bite Cookies. The winner was the cupcakes, they were cute and yummy!

And last but not least, the goodie bags. I used a couple petals from the flowers I made and glued them onto the bags for a three dimensional look. Inside the bags was a copy of the New Moon soundtrack, more werewolf kibble and vampire bites, a New Moon candy bar, and some gummy fangs.

All in all it was a GREAT party and I cannot wait to do it again when Eclipse comes out in June!!

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  1. What great ideas! Starting to plan a party for Eclipse and gathering ideas.