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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dinosaur 5th Birthday Party

Ok, I admit it....I wasn't feeling 100% in May, so we opted to let my son have his birthday party at a party place (gasp!).  In all reality, it was a lot of fun and a lot less mess for me to worry about!  I still think I managed to put my own personal touch on it, with some help from a Paper and Cake printable party theme.  Here are the pics-


Decorations were probably the hardest thing to accomplish since everything had to be brought from home and we were only allowed 15 minutes to set up.  I used a printable personalized birthday banner from Paper and Cake that turned out super cute.  For the table centerpieces, I used plush dinosaurs and ties balloons in the themed colors (blue, green) onto them.  I also had dishes of dinosaur eggs (robin's eggs from Easter) sitting out.


For food we had pizza, chips and dip, a fruit T-Rex, chocolate dino pops, juice and water.  The watermelon dinosaur was really fun to make, and the birthday boy thought it was awesome!  For the cake, I made a small dinosaur for the birthday boy, and cupcakes for everyone else.


The favors were probably my favorite part!  I was able to score sand buckets at Michael's for only a buck, so I used those for the containers.  Inside was a "How do Dinosaurs..." board book, a dinosaur puppet stick, chocolate dino pop, dinosaur plush, dinosaur skeleton, dino crayons, and a mixed cd of dinosaur songs.  The books I found on ebay, the crayons I got from Red Elm Designs on Etsy, and the plushies, skeletons, and puppets I found on Oriental Trading.  I used a silver sharpie marker to write the kids' names on each of their buckets, and I used my Cricut with the dino cartridge to cut out different dinosaurs in red vinyl to put on each bucket.  The kids loved them!

I also have to give a shout out to a great Etsy store, Made Cute Just 4 U, for making the birthday boy's cute shirt! 

So all in all it was a great 5th birthday for my little guy, and everyone had a fantastic time :)

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