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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Adam's Bug Birthday Party

I can't believe that my big boy is turning 7 in 4 months, and I haven't even blogged his 6th birthday yet!  I let Adam pick out the theme, and he chose bugs.  Creepy.  Crawly.  Bugs.  Yay?

 Decorating for this party was really easy.  I lucked out and Target just happened to have bug stuff in the dollar spot.  So I filled up with plastic bugs of all sizes to put on the party tables, etc.  Then I went to the local teacher supply store and bought some paper bug cut-outs.  I taped those to various places around the house.

Because I had it at a non-meal time, food was minimal.  I had chips with 4 homemade dips, individual dirt cakes, and of course a bug cake.

 We had several special activities planned for the kiddos.  When the first arrived, I had them make bug jars to catch bugs in.  Then we had a special visit from the ice cream truck!  Adam fell pretty hard running to the ice cream truck and skinned up his elbow, but a popsicle made it all better :).  Next was the bug hunt.  I gave each of the kids their bug jar and a net, and had them go to the backyard where I had hid about a hundred little plastic bugs.  I think this was their favorite part of the party, the kids had so much fun hunting for bugs!  Finally we opened presents and ate cake, 

I don't have any pictures on the favors, but they were fairly simple.  I found sand buckets at Michael's for a dollar.  I decorated them with a vinyl bug cut out.  The kids got to fill it with their bug jar and bugs they found and their net.  I also had some little bug bracelets and suckers in there, all from Oriental Trading.

Overall it was a fantastic birthday, and I can't wait to plan the next one in a few months!  I'll leave you with a picture of the birthday boy on party day, sporting his bug shirt :).

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